We price our hides based on the grade and measure:

Grade 1: $16.00 per cm

Grade 2: $14.00 per cm

Grade 3: $12.00 per cm

Grade 4: $6.00 per cm

Grade 5: $4.00 per cm

Prototypes: $6.00 per cm



When we ask for what “Grade” you want your skins, we are referring to the quality of the belly portion of the skin; including how many scratches, blemishes, or holes it may have acquired during the process of tanning, dying, and finishing.

We have 5 Grades, Grade 1 being a near flawless* skin, and Grade 5 being a skin in rough shape, but still useable for some projects.


The Grade is determined by “splitting” the belly into four quadrants:

If no Quadrants have flaws, the skin is a Grade 1

If one Quadrant has flaws, it is a Grade 2

If 2 Quadrants have flaws, it is a Grade 3

If 3 Quadrants have flaws, it is a Grade 4

If all Quadrants have flaws, it is a Grade 5


*Alligators are wild animals with individual scale patterns just as we have individual finger prints, when we say “near flawless” we mean without scratches and holes and scars, we take into consideration the fact that not all details of the skin are flaws, but rather individual markings. Just as humans have freckles or birth marks, alligators have different shaped scales, different size scales, and different scale patterns depending on the individual.*



When we refer to the “Measure” of a skin, we are referring to the width (in centimeters) at the 6th rib of the belly, indicating the widest usable rectangular panel you could possibly get from the entire belly area.

We Measure and Grade each skin before and after dying to ensure consistent quality control.


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