We offer many different colors for our customers to choose from, all presented beautifully with different finishes we offer as well!

Our Colors

We currently offer the following colors for customers to choose from our existing stock or for customer orders:

Black, Charcoal Gray, Sterling Gray, Cognac, Bourbon, Cardinal Red, Cobalt Blue, Everglades Green, and Purple


Our Finishes

Each of these colors that we offer can be done in a Gloss, Semi Gloss, Matte, or a Spray finish.

Our Gloss finish offers a shiny, eye-catching look that is sure to brighten any project you may use it for, emboldening the character of the skin and its individuality.

Our Semi Gloss finish is not as flashy, but just as beautiful and is an excellent choice for accentuating the individuality of the skin.

Our Matte finish offers a classic, timeless look of genuine alligator skin and is more “flat.” This finish is highly sought after for garments and small accessories as it provides that natural, raw look to the skin.

Our Spray finish is a specialty finish we use to even out the color of the skin. A very slight percentage of pigment is sprayed on top of the dyed skin to equalize the color, this provides a very bright, consistent, and glossy finish. Although, it sacrifices some of the definition of the individualistic qualities of the skin.


Spray, Matte

Charcoal Gray:

Gloss, Matte

Sterling Gray:

Gloss, Matte


Gloss, Matte


Gloss, Matte

Cardinal Red:

Gloss, Matte

Everglades Green:

Gloss, Matte

Cobalt Blue:

Spray, Gloss, Matte


Gloss, Matte